73147 Education: A Look at Schools in Oklahoma City’s Western Suburbs


The 73147 ZIP code encompasses a region in western Oklahoma City that contains a number of major suburbs and several school districts. Examining education options and performance in this area provides insights into how schools are serving OKC families. From public schools to private academies, 73147 offers a range of learning environments for local students.

Demographics of 73147

The 73147 ZIP code covers middle to upper-middle-class suburbs like Bethany, Warr Acres, and Woodland Hills. Around 50,000 people live in 73147, with a mix of families, retirees, and professionals. The population is predominantly White, with growing Hispanic, Black, and Asian minorities. Most adults hold a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree. These demographics shape the needs and expectations of local schools.

Public School Districts

Most students in the 73147 area attend public schools in Oklahoma City Public Schools or Putnam City Public Schools. OKCPS operates several elementary, middle, and high schools in 73147 neighborhoods. Putnam City covers Warr Acres and Bethany schools. Most public schools have between 300-800 students in grades K-12. They offer standard academic and extracurricular programs. Graduation rates range from 80-95%.

Charter & Magnet Schools

Within OKCPS, John Marshall Mid-High School is a magnet school in 73147 focused on international studies and service learning. Harding Charter Preparatory is another top-rated OKCPS magnet high school near 73147. Charter schools provide focused curriculums outside the normal school system. Several new charter schools have opened in the 73147 area in recent years to meet parental demand.

Private & Parochial Schools

Families in 73147 who want private education have several local options. The Covenant Christian Academy complex in Warr Acres includes a preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. Other private schools include Christ the King Catholic School and Positive Tomorrows, which serves homeless children. Several Montessori schools are also located in 73147 for early learning.

Higher Education Opportunities

Residents of 73147 can access several colleges and universities in the OKC metro. Closest is Southern Nazarene University, a Christian liberal arts college in Bethany. Also nearby is Mid-America Christian University, which offers adult and graduate degree programs. Larger schools like the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, and Oklahoma State University are within a 30-minute drive.

Community Support for Schools

Residents of the 73147 area strongly support local schools. Parent-teacher organizations raise substantial funds each year. Local businesses sponsor school events and extracurricular activities. Non-profits like Variety Care and the YMCA offer reduced health services and child care to support families. The community is invested in giving students educational advantages.


With public, private, charter, and parochial options, families in 73147 have many choices for education. The area provides quality learning environments from preschool through college. Support from parents, businesses, and nonprofits helps local schools overcome budget constraints. Though diverse, the community is united in helping students in 73147 succeed.