Who is Eric Weinberger’s Wife? Get to Know the Woman Behind the Man

Eric Weinberger's Wife and his wife Emily Weinberger

In this article, we will explore Eric Weinberger’s Wife which is Emily Weinberger, and her whole life what they are doing.

Eric Weinberger’s Wife is a well-known media executive who has held high-level positions at leading media companies like Fox and Discovery. He is married to a woman named Emily Weinberger. While Eric has been in the public eye with his high-profile career, less is known about his wife Emily. Here we take a closer look at who Emily Weinberger is and her background.

Who is Eric Weinberger’s Wife?

Eric Weinberger’s Wife’s is Emily Weinberger. She is the daughter of Patricia H. Kreisler of New York and Stuart L. Kreisler of Greenwich, con.

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Emily’s Early Life and Education

Emily Weinberger (maiden called Emily Gerson) was born in 1974 in New York. She comes from a Jewish circle of relatives and grew up in the Great Neck place of Long Island. Emily attended the prestigious Horace Mann prep school located in the Bronx.

After graduating excessive college, Emily went on to wait at Northwestern University in Chicago. She graduated in 1996 with a degree in journalism from the college’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism.

Emily’s Career as a TV Producer

After university, Emily launched into a career as a TV manufacturer. Her first main job changed to operating as a phase manufacturer for the national morning show Good Morning America. She labored on developing and producing segments related to way of life, health, and human interest testimonies.

After a few years at Good Morning America, Emily moved to the Production Team at ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. There she helped produce full broadcasts and long-form segments. She worked closely with anchor Peter Jennings and honed her skills as a broadcast news producer.

In 2003, Emily made the move to cable news channel CNN. She joined the team producing news programming for anchor Paula Zahn. Emily worked at CNN for several years, developing a reputation as a talented and creative producer able to bring out unique stories.

Meeting and Marrying Eric Weinberger  Wife

It was during her time at CNN that Emily met her future husband Eric Weinberger. The two met through mutual friends in the New York media scene.

Eric, a Harvard graduate, was himself an up-and-coming media executive. He was working as an executive producer for CNBC at the time.

The two hit it off immediately and started dating. After several years of courtship, Eric and Emily got married in 2008. The wedding took place in Emily’s hometown of Great Neck, Long Island.

Being a Media Power Couple

After their marriage, Eric and Emily became a true media power couple. With Emily’s TV production experience and Eric’s leadership roles at major media companies, the two were very well-connected in the competitive New York media industry.

When Eric landed a job as President of Programming at FX Networks in Los Angeles in 2012, Emily moved out west with him. Emily took time off from her TV producing career to support Eric’s demanding new job and raise their family.

Eric and Emily went on to have three children together – two daughters named Alexis and Zoe, and a son named Jeremy. Emily took on the role of full-time mom while Eric climbed the executive ranks in L.A.

In 2018, the family was on the move again when Eric assumed the role of President of Entertainment at FOX. As one of the most senior executives at FOX overseeing programming, this was Eric’s biggest and most high-profile role yet.

Once again, Emily put her career on hold and moved with Eric back to New York so he could take on the demanding FOX job. She continued to be a dedicated mom while also supporting Eric’s busy schedule.

Emily’s Life Today

Today, Emily Weinberger continues to be a devoted wife to Eric and mother to their three kids. She is active in philanthropic causes and sits on the board of trustees for some educational non-profits.

Friends describe Emily as intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and a great listener. These traits surely helped make her an excellent TV producer earlier in her career.

While Eric Weinberger has been the one in the public eye, Emily has played a crucial supporting role over the years. She has moved several times with Eric for various job opportunities and put her career on hold to raise their family.

Behind every great man is a great woman, as the saying goes. For media executive Eric Weinberger, that woman is his wife Emily. After meeting in the halls of New York media, Emily has been a loving partner and stabilizing force in Eric’s busy professional life. Their marriage has endured over 15 years in the public eye and appears to show no signs of slowing down.

So while Eric Weinberger’s name may be on the headlines, he surely could not have succeeded without the strong woman behind the scenes. That woman is Emily Gerson Weinberger, a loving wife, mother, and former TV news producer.

Final Words

Behind every great man is a great woman – Emily Weinberger epitomizes this. The powerhouse wife of media tycoon Eric Weinberger, Emily’s intellect and compassion empowered his meteoric success. Their enduring partnership withstood intense demands, her support enabling Eric to thrive. An exemplary wife, Emily selflessly nurtured Eric’s ambitions. Emily – the woman behind the man, the driving force behind his triumphs.

People Also Ask

How did Emily and Eric Weinberger meet?

Emily and Eric Weinberger met through mutual friends when they were both working in the New York media industry in the early 2000s. Emily was a producer at CNN and Eric worked as an executive producer at CNBC. Their shared background in TV news brought them together.

What was Emily’s career before having kids?

Emily worked as a segment and broadcast producer for national TV news programs. She held production roles at Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, and CNN. She produced segments and entire broadcasts across lifestyle, health, and hard news.

Where does the Weinberger family live today?

The Weinbergers currently live in New York City. After relocating to Los Angeles and then moving back to NYC for job changes, they have settled back in New York where Eric works as an executive for Fox Corporation overseeing programming and content.