Mobile marketing is an effective way to reach out to people on the go.

On-page optimization

One important aspect that most on-page SEO guides don’t cover is keyword research, but it’s a crucial step in creating new content.

Search Engines

Search engines such as Google look for relevant content on a page, so make sure to use your focus keyword throughout the page. For example, if you’re writing about dogs, mention the different breeds of dogs. Otherwise, your page won’t rank. In addition, you need to include your target keyword in the content.Besides keywords, you should also focus on using psychographic and demographic data. This is important because this will help you create content that is more appealing to your target audience. This will help you rank high and convert more visitors. Knowing your audience and their demographics will help you make better content for them.


If you want to rank highly in search engine results, you should include a compelling meta description for your product. This text should speak to the reader’s current needs and offer them a reason to click. Your meta description should also speak to your brand’s personality.


It is important to use the most relevant keywords in the meta description. Doing so improves your click-through rate. The use of bolded keywords also increases your CTR, which is a measure of how relevant your page is.

Many Tools

There are many tools to help you optimize your meta descriptions. First of all, you can use a tool that allows you to enter the URL of your product, title, and description. This tool will give you helpful tips, and will help you make changes to your meta descriptions. You can even check the character count and the pixel width of your title and meta description, and see if your keywords are bolded or not.For instance, a sneaker retailer targeting a younger audience might use a more casual language in its description, while a law firm would be more professional.
The search engines are often stubborn, so it’s worth trying to improve your meta description if you notice a drop in traffic.

A successful meta description must answer the question asked by the searcher. It should describe your post and mention the solution to the problem they face.

Your website's

Your website’s category page is the backbone of your e-commerce site. As such, it needs to be carefully monitored by webmasters and SEOs. Not only is it important from an information architecture and internal linking point of view, but it also attracts the highest amount of traffic. There are several ways you can improve your category page and find new opportunities for growth.


Adding keywords to your meta description is essential, but don’t forget to write your meta description in natural language.