Big Meech Height: The Imposing Stature of a Drug Kingpin


In the world of infamous drug traffickers, few had a more intimidating physical presence than “Big Meech” Flenory of the Black Mafia Family. Standing at a purported 6 feet 3 inches tall, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory used his large stature to project power and instill fear as a drug kingpin. Examining Big Meech’s height provides insight into how his physical attributes factored into his notorious career in illicit enterprises.

Upbringing & Early Career

Born in 1968 in Detroit, Michigan, Demetrius Flenory stood out from an early age for his exceptional height. By high school, he had grown to over 6 feet tall, dwarfing most peers. Along with his brother Terry, Big Meech began dealing drugs as a teenager, drawing on his natural size and intimidating presence to carve out territory. Before long, the Flenory brothers expanded their operations, founding the nationwide Black Mafia Family drug trafficking organization.

Reputation as Enforcer & Leader

As Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family cartel rose to prominence in the 1990s, his reputation preceded him. At the peak of his power, Meech stood at 6 feet 3 inches and weighed over 300 pounds. To many, he resembled a football linebacker more than a drug lord. Meech used this imposing physical stature to instill fear and demand respect as he led the Black Mafia Family’s rapid expansion. His height gave him an added aura of authority with street dealers and rivals. To read more interested queries click here.

Cutting an Intimidating Figure

Numerous accounts describe Big Meech’s ability to control people and situations simply by entering a room. His large frame coupled with expensive designer suits and lavish jewelry projected power. An FBI investigator familiar with Meech stated that his height and strong build were integral in intimidating rivals, eliminating the need for violence in many cases. Within his organization, Meech relied on his physical presence to enforce loyalty and discipline.

Contrasts with Brother Terry

An interesting comparison can be made between Big Meech and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. Terry stood at a much shorter 5 feet 8 inches, giving the brothers a striking “short and tall” dynamic. However, any perception of Terry as weak was quickly dispelled by his explosive temper and business savvy. The differing physical statures of Big Meech and Southwest T ultimately worked complementary as they led the BMF organization.

Physical Presence Evident at Trial

When the law finally caught up with the Black Mafia Family in 2005, Big Meech’s reputation and height were on full display during his highly publicized federal trial. At one point, Meech stood up in court, his 6’3” frame towering over participants. The entire courtroom fell silent, overcome by his imposing presence. When sentenced to 30 years in prison, Big Meech had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the door frame.

Height’s Advantages Disappear in Prison

However, the advantages of Big Meech’s size quickly faded once he entered the prison system to begin serving his hefty sentence. Behind bars, his imposing stature mattered little without the trappings of wealth and power. As a high-profile convicted kingpin, Meech became a target by inmates looking to make a name for themselves. No longer able to intimidate, he adapted to survive as federal prisoner 35207-039.


In analyzing the career of drug kingpin Big Meech, his height represented just one factor working in his favor. By leveraging his large stature along with business acumen and ruthlessness, Meech imposed his will to head a massive criminal empire. However, once convicted and jailed, the advantages of height and intimidation alone could not prevent his downfall. Big Meech remains a larger-than-life figure, in both stature and infamy.